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Men of Note started in 1999 with 17 members, plus the Musical Director and Accompanist. The group has grown to the members shown below.

Musical Director:
Oksana Vignan
Courtney Britton and Jennifer Cains
Susan Ryman
Board of Directors:
President Greg Phillips
Vice President/Past President Gord Bibby
Treasurer Jim Eles
Secretary Jim Doyle
Officer Reid Andrews
Officer Vince Parry
Officer Garry Fitzpatrick
First Tenors
Second Tenors

Jim Eles

Gary Burke

Geoff Bartle

Reid Andrews

Chris Fahrner

Paul Gardner

Doug Crocker

Gord Bibby

Cliff Floyd

Rick Rees

Jim Doyle

Spencer Crowder

Erich Lattner

Lawrie Taylor

Garry Fitzpatrick

John Duffield

Wayne Lord

Eric Tribe Randy Gratton

David Duggan

Stuart McClean

Al Whittaker

Peter Heffernan

Ken Fralick

Dave Smith

Steve MacQuarrie

Jim Marshall

Frank Weis


Heinz Nitschke

Greg Phillips


Vince Parry

Bob Ross



Bruce Speed

Mike Vetter



Raimee Stevens




Al Vetter


            Members Emeritus
  In Memoriam
Dave Hawley Eddie Lo   Herb Bell
Dave Leitch Bill Killough   Ken Bretherton
Jeff McAloon Gary Chitiz   Robin Brown
Bill Murphy Ian Newton   Wayne Corlett
Doug Walker John Mole   Joy Duffield
David Ng Harald Brief   Chris Hill
Andy Cooper Jim Crighton   Hal Hill
Ron Botham Al Yetman   Don Jackson
Dennis Healey Dan Thompson   Jack Littleford
Bob McKay Jim Thomson   Ron Mercer
Mark Hions Jim Priebe
Marguerite Murphy
Barrie Humphreys Thad Baker   Beverly Newton
Dick Bird Margot Rejskind   Ron Pajot
Don Attridge Glenn Waterman   Lou Phillips
Steve Hunter
  Frank Robb
Ron Brooks     Keith Steckley

Lorraine Steckley

Jim Wicks

If you are interested in joining Men of Note, or to find out more information about our group, please click this link: New Members .