Spring 2020 Repertoire

From our library

We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar
Song for the Mira
Hymn to Freedom
Four Strong Winds
Steal Away

New pieces

En roulant ma boule
Inuit Lullaby
The Riddle Song

Canadian Pacific
The Hockey Song
Northwest Passage

With the Ontario Sings combined choirs

Away from the Roll of the Sea
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Sure On This Shining Night
Fields of Gold
With a Voice of Singing
Williams Lake Stampede

Repertoire Archive

A spreadsheet listing all the songs that have been sung at each concert over the years is available.

A spreadsheet listing all the songs in the Men of Note Music Library is also available.

These files can be viewed with Microsoft Excel (or a similar program that can read a file with an xlsx file name extension).  Since these spreadsheet files are large, you may want to download them to your computer by clicking on the icon towards the top right of the page.