Like to Sing?

If you’re a man and you like to sing, you’re welcome to join Men of Note.  

We invite you to join us on our regular practice night (typically Monday evenings between September and May), where you can contact our Membership representative who will answer all of your questions.

See if you are comfortable in the practice environment.  You will find a high level of camaraderie.  Men of Note is a non-audition choir; that is, there is no pre-requisite singing ability level.

In addition to the enjoyment of singing, Men of Note offers:

  • Camaraderie and good fellowship.  Social activities, typically include a number of parties and other get-togethers throughout   the year.
  • The option to travel with the choir every few years. Choir tour trips have been made to the UK, Ireland, Europe, and the Canadian Maritimes. 

How to Join

Complete and submit the form online here, or

Download the New Member Information form and:

  • Email it as an attachment to stouffvilemenofnote @ gmail . com or
  • Mail via Canada Post to:
    Men of Note Male Voice Choir
    55 Church Street
    Stouffville ON L4A 1E3

How We Help You To Easily Fit Into the Choir

When you join the choir, you support one of the singing sections; that is, bass, baritone, second tenor, or first tenor.
You will meet someone from our Membership committee; you can discuss your questions and how best to get started. Also, a choir member from your section can provide guidance and help in learning the music.
Your fellow singers are happy to help you to understand the music scores.
As a new member, it is understood that you may not be able to the learn all of the songs for the next concert’s song list.

How to Learn the Music

The following aids are available when learning the music:

  • YouTube videos
  • Recorded arrangements provided by the music publication company
  • SmartScore arrangements. These arrangements are typically generated for some of the more difficult songs. A SmartScore file is generated for each music section (T1, T2, Baritone, Bass), and sometimes a file is generated for a combination of all sections.

Some Men of Note members use all of these aids; for example, they use the YouTube videos and music publication recordings to hear how the song should sound with all sections, and they use the SmartScore files to learn the specific notes for their section.

Practice Schedule

September to December: Men of Note practices begin on the Monday, one week after the Labour Day weekend. Typically, the September to December practices support the Christmas Concert performance.

January to May: Men of Note practices begin on the Monday, one week after New Years Day. Typically, the January to May practices support the Spring Concert performance.
Other concerts are prepared for as they are scheduled.

Membership Cost

  • Initial one-time cost:
    • Formal choir uniform: blazer, pants, tie – $200 to $250
    • Informal Uniform (Golf Shirt) – $30
    • Two name tags – $20
  • Annual Membership fee: Pre-Covid, the fee was $150 per year. Unfortunately, the Covid Pandemic prevented us from performing and so our reserve funds became depleted. The current (2022-2023 season) fee is $350, payable in two installments of $175 per season. We anticipate that, once we are able to perform, the annual fee should decrease.