Annual Sponsorship

Annual sponsorship gives you exposure to our audience.   Our audience is comprised of people living throughout Durham region, York region, and Scarborough.  A normal year for Men of Note includes two concerts at Christmas and one spring concert, giving you exposure to 600+ viewers.

We truly respect our sponsors and encourage our audience to use their services.

With deep appreciation for your generous support, Men of Note: gives your business or service exposure to our: 

  • Concert audiences (two Christmas concerts and one Spring concert):
    • Our president provides a brief bio of your service and indicates your location.
    • We prominently present your business or service  name and logo in each concert program (Sample sponsor list from concert program).
  • Web site viewers:
    • All sponsor logos appear at the bottom of each Men of Note web page. Each logo is linked to the sponsor’s website.
    • Current sponsors.

You can choose from the following levels of annual financial support:

  • Platinum: $300.00 or more
  • Gold: $150.00 to $299.00
  • Silver: $100.00 to $149.00

If you provide a $500.00 sponsorship, we give you two free tickets to our Christmas concert

Limited Business Card Sponsorship

We also have a limited amount of space in our concert programs available for the presentation of business cards. 

For a cost of $25.00 per concert, your card can be viewed by our audience (Sample business cards from concert program)
Note:  Due to space limitation in the program,  a limited number of business card slots are available.

Contact Information

For more information on sponsorship, please contact Garry Fitzpatrick at: